Where Does That Lush Ochre Pigment Come From?


Have you ever considered where the lush and vibrant colors and shades of ochre pigment come from? Situated in the Luberon, at the foot of the Monts de Vaucluse, the village of Roussillon provides the answer. Nestled in the heart of one of the biggest ochre deposits in the world, Roussillon is famous for its magnificent red cliffs and ochre quarries.

The red, yellow and brown shades of the earth form a striking contrast with the lush green pine-trees. The vivid blue of the Provençal sky and the exceptional quality of light make this a magical site. It is like an artist’s pallet, with the infinite combinations of colors varying from yellow to purple with all the shades of pink and red in-between.IMG_3440

The ochre façades of the houses are magnificent… shades vary subtly from light yellow to dark red, set off by the brightly painted shutters and doors. Numerous artists, naturally, have been seduced by Roussillon: Jean Cocteau, Carzou, Buffet, Ambrogiani... to name a few.

The images I’ve included in the current post print beautifully on canvas and archival-treated paper. But don’t pass up the opportunity to see the way these images pop out at you when printed on metal. They are magnificent and can be printed in any size and configuration that your spatial needs and creative desires call for.



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