INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY: To See The Light That You Cannot See

Explore the Surreal with Infrared Imagery

Conventional photography endeavors to capture the light that the human eye can see. Infrared photography captures light outside the spectrum of the human eye, just past the red bands that we can see in the rainbow, to simplify.

Your conventional camera is set up to block infrared rays which prevents this type of imagery, as opposed to special infrared lenses and filters or cameras dedicated exclusively for this type of photography. The results, as you can see from some of the images I have displayed here, produce an another-worldly, ghostly and surreal feel. You will need to suspend your sense of reality and enjoy them for their aesthetic beauty.

I have posted a series of infrared images to my website at Go to “images”, “infrared”, then click on the images individually or enjoy the slide show.

If you have any questions about this fascinating style of photography, please feel free to contact me.

Rich Smukler Photo