Three Weeks in Tuscany (day 10)

Travel about 30 minutes north of Bagni di Lucca and you’ll find Lucchio. After what seems to be an interminable and challenging drive up the winding and narrow mountain road, you will come upon this ancient, medieval village that at times rises above the clouds. About 25 residents live in this amazing scenographic treasure that still has remains from its mountaintop fortress dating back to the 11th Century. It was once one of the most strategic positions in the whole valley. IMG_6411-2 copySit quietly and breathe deeply. The soft breeze and quietude are deafening. You wonder how people live and lived here; the wars fought and lives lost here. It is unimaginably beautiful and serene. I must return to this place.IMG_6433-2 copyRich Smukler currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida. His works have been featured in numerous museums, galleries and private collections internationally. You can see more of his works at (Kick back and stay awhile).