Three Weeks in Tuscany (day17)

BAGNO VIGNONI is an ancient village in the heart of Tuscany situated in the Val d’Orcia National Park. I was first introduced to it years ago when studying at TPW (Toscana Photographic Workshop) as it had become a favorite evening hangout for many of the students.

IMG_7251-2 copyBy day, this sleepy village hosts wonderful hillside and mountain views of the valley below. You are also treated to a haunting scene of Rocca d’Orcia in the distance.

IMG_7330-2 copy

Enjoy the thermal waters that course through the hills and carve fascinating archeological dig-like opportunities; a small park with children; the occasional hardy biker; folks staying at the nearby hotels and spas dipping their feet in the waters. But at night, it all begins to happen! The holiday-like lights throughout the village take over from the long Tuscan setting of the sun. The Square of Sources captures the reflections from the surrounding shops and restaurants. Its’ glow is magical.

IMG_7165-2 copy

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