Your Tripod – Wake up and Smell the Roses!

National Park Photography

Zabriskie Point at Dawn – Death Valley, California

I know. The tripod is a burden, takes extra time, just something else to do. Wake up and smell the roses! If you are serious about your photography, your tripod is a major asset and critical if you want to be the best that you can be. Of course there are times when it isn’t necessary, as in street photography. However, if you are shooting close up shots, the slightest shake can cause distortion. If you are in the field shooting landscapes, using a telephoto lens and waiting for the light, it is a must! Again, the camera becomes heavy with your long lens, and even with image stabilization, you will be unsuccessful. The above image was a dawn shot at Death Valley’s Zabriskie Point. When I first arrived, it was dark and cold. I set my camera on the tripod and waited for the right moment. I had time to review my settings and sat back for that golden moment.

Additional tip: Learn how to use your tripod and practice set-up before going out into the field. Time can be fleeting and you don’t need to be fussing around while it passes.

Rich Smukler specializes in Landscape and Fine-Art Photography from his studio in South Florida. His works have been featured in numerous museums, galleries and private collections internationally. You can see more of his works at (Kick back and stay awhile).