The Duomo Cathedral of Milan

untitled--6 copyHenry James : “A structure not supremely interesting, not logical, not … commandingly beautiful, but grandly curious and superbly rich. … If it had no other distinction it would still have that of impressive, immeasurable achievement … a supreme embodiment of vigorous effort.”

It is so complex so as to confuse. But, when viewed on a broader level, an appreciation of this structure keeps producing wonder. If you plan on visiting, get there early before the crowds and seek access to the elevator that will take you to the top. The interior doesn’t compete with some other cathedrals, but the exterior is insanely intricate and magnificent. Its very complexity creates a photographic puzzle which is extremely difficult to capture. When in Milan, give yourself several hours to enjoy.

Rich Smukler specializes in Landscape and Fine-Art Photography from his studio in South Florida. His works have been featured in numerous museums, galleries and private collections internationally. You can acquire his works at (Kick back and stay awhile).